[ DAY 1 ]

It was 4am, an ungodly hour to start our drive to LAX airport. Plane tickets on Spirit were cheap so of course they stick us on flight that had a boarding time of 6am. We arrive a brisk early morning in Seattle, the wind beneath our sails and the smell of coffee in the air—also I was still drugged up on NyQuil that I took right before we took off, so the ground was also shaking beneath me and everything was sparkling with glitter and rainbows, but that’s a different story. We spent our day exploring Pike Place where we did da touristy things such as the first Starbucks store, the Pink Door, the gum wall, Piroshky Piroshky, and exploring the pier.

Of course we had to be christened into the city by making a stop at Biscuit Bitchhhhh. Biscuits are a thing here and we had to see what all the hubbub was about. Verdict? Wasn't as bitchin as I wanted it to be.

The starbucks store was super anticlimactic but hey it convinced me to get their eggnog latte which just tasted like a regular latte only cuter and more christmas-y. But for goodness sakes, Thanksgiving hasn’t even turned the corner and people are already singing Jingle Bells.

The Gum Wall…has not changed much since I’ve been there last. Found ourselves in a…sticky situation *badum tssss*. Added another piece of myself to the wall as my saliva merged with the germs of millions of other adventurous gum-chewers, it was a beautiful, life-changing experience. 

The Pink Door, which oddly was easy to find considering it didn’t have a sign, was literally a pink door in the wall of an alleyway. The interior is very eclectic and had a very mystic, fortune-teller mixed with gypsy throwing babies ambience (is that a thing).

I started the meal with a Celery & Pear Bisque. Weird right?? Oddly enough, it was absolutely delicious and nothing like it sounds. It was super creamy and savory with a hint of pear at the end. I’m not a fan of celery so I was very impressed with how delicate the flavors hit the palate yet created a lasting impression that had me licking the bowl clean…and i sound like a commercial now.


Aaaaand of course, what meal is complete without DRAAAANKS. Autumn pears are soooo in this fall, so of course it matched my outfit perfectly as I turned a beautiful shade of buzzed for dinner. Totally kidding, mine was a mocktail (all pink and cute and shit with a hipster straw).

Their risotto was a little less impressive considering that a lot of people highly recommended it on yelp. I love truffles but truffle oil should not accompany anything unless it is fried. It completely overwhelmed the risotto and that’s all I tasted.

At least their lasagna would make Garfield proud! Made with pesto lasagna noodles, it was a real treat considering there was no meat involved! Definitely a must try!

Ended our night with a stop at Piroshky Piroshky to get some delicious breakfast for the next day :) Overall a very fun start to our trip and we were completely pooped by the end of the day—most walking I’ve done in months sadly...

[ DAY 2 ]

The best way to travel is through a local’s eyes…

Thanks to the internet and instagram bringing people together, I was able to meet up with an IG friend for the first time! Of course, we had to shoot upon meeting heh…The airbnb we stayed at had a cool fire escape perfect for escaping into the night, serenading to your lovers, and to look fly for a photoshoot. 

Our first stop on our foodie day was Tilikum Place Cafe. I was incredibly impressed with their food--warm, filling, and good, simple flavors. We decided to get the french onion soup and the savory dutch baby. Because for those that are too young to have one, why not eat one. No wait…that’s not how the quote goes…

Pull cheese not heartstrings guys. Although this French onion soup b playing’...makin' me come back for more and being all tasty and shit.

Buns in the oven turn literal because these babies are hot and ready straight from the fire. The only difference is that this baby won't grow up to be a huge disappointment (hi mom 🙋🏻). WARNING: this dutch baby will give you a food baby.

To walk off our 3 month bumps, we decided to walk around the Olympic Sculpture Park (part of the Seattle Art Museum) and view the lovely structures adorning the park. It didn’t last long because I forgot that I don’t like walking. Back to the uber GAIS

Aaaaand back to food again, we head to General Porpoise. Yes, it is as cute as its name suggests. Get here early because their jelly filled doughnuts will make all y’all haters jelly.

Neeeext stop, ICE CREAM! The best thing about cold weather is that your ice cream doesn’t melt as fast for the photos.

Now that is an udderly appetizing view! 

3 tears man, this ice cream is a stone cold killer. It must've done something waffle because it's gunna do some my tummy. I decided to get their delicious jersey cream & coffee ice cream. Their jersey cream is amazing and can only be described as a marriage of cheese and ice cream to create a very unique creamy, custard-y flavor.

We had to wash down coffee ice cream with some coffee, so we headed to Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room (yeah I had to copy and paste that name, it’s a mouthful if you know what I bean). It was absolutely beautiful inside and smelled like fresh coffee in the morning. It would be a great place to wind down and read a good book or write one and brag to everyone that you are.

Last stop on our food adventure, I swearrrrr. Welcome to Nue, where all your dreams come true. I mean that is if you dream about thai water beetles. Much to the chagrin of my friend, I had to try the Thai Water Beetles on the menu because when in Seattle, eat as the Seattlers eat…right? It was quite the experience, one that I would probably not try again, but I am proud to say that I have.

The process of eating them is opening up the wings, breaking the top shell by splitting it down the middle, and scraping the meat out. I wrapped mine in the rice, pepper, and leaf provided on the plate and with a clenched eyes, shoved the wrap in my mouth. 

The weird flavor that started exuding from each bite reminisced to licorice but apparently they are male beetle pheromones (delicious right?). I’m not the biggest fan of licorice so this wasn’t my cup of tea, but if you’re adventurous enough, I triple dog dare you to try it.

Keeping the weirdness going, I had to try their Ru’rou Ran Cobra Cocktail. It contains a rice wine that has been steeped with a cobra biting the tail of a scorpion. The venom is supposed to dissipate into the wine and add “health benefits” according to traditional practices. It definitely left a bite after each sip, so you’d have to pick your poison when choosing a drink like this. 

Getting back to safer dishes, we went for the Bunny Chow and the Himalayan Chicken Wings which were both highly recommended and absolutely delicious. I didn’t think curry would be good with brick toast, but it works super well. I like it more than rice now!

Dessert time! Mine was a hybrid of a spring roll and ice cream, almost like an ice cream burrito if you will. Very interesting, but the peanuts on top were a little too salty for my taste. Otherwise it would’ve been perfect!

I love this place and would love to come back to keep trying new things on their menu. Any place that dares to work outside the box is my kind of restaurant.

[ DAY 3 ]

When eating in Seattle, the pasta-bilities are endless… Quite literally! We headed to a famous place called Ilcorvo that is a small little joint with only 2 selections of pasta per day. You didn’t know what al dente meant until you came here. It was absolutely perfect! I highly recommend getting the focaccia bread as well, it melts in your mouth as it mixes with the olive oil. Mamma mia!

What Seattle trip is complete without a trip to Chihuly?? It’s a breathtaking museum that takes around an hour to immerse yourself into. The amount of detail and craft is astonishing as glass is transformed in many different expressions. 

We ended up getting a bundle ticket for Chihuly and Space Needle because it was cheaper overall so we decided to wait until it got dark to see the city view. 

To kill time, we headed to Kerry Park where you can see a gorgeous view of the city and 10,000 of your fellow asian tourists. Is a place really poppin’ if you don’t see 50 of your bruthas, uncles, and sistas with their iPads ready to capture every golden moment?

Coffee time. Who am I kidding? That’s pretty much all the time in Seattle. This one is especially cool because it is connected to a recording studio. 

 The view from the Space Needle. It was quite a sight to see, no matter how many skylines you’ve seen, it never gets old. My hands were freezing off as I tried to hold my camera steady for these shots though. Do it for the gram.

We ended our night at Japonessa. Our kind uber driver informed us about this place and their happy hour, so of course we had to try it out…and maybe like 6 shots of sake.

I think if I could, I would’ve had like 50 oyster shooters. Theirs were so delicious and just gave me an insatiable appetite for more. 

Their omakase, however, is whatevers. I’d probably only come here for their happy hour menu…and oyster shooters.


Wow you made it to the end of this blog post! That is impressive! You haven’t gotten sick of me yet. YET. JUST YOU WAIT SON. Anyways, started our morning with more liquor over at Kizuki Ramen. 

The Hello Kitty Cocktail & the Calpico Sour. The Hello Kitty one was as sweet as I imagined it to be, but it wasn’t bad! We merely ordered it in spite of our other friend who wasn’t on the trip with us. She is absolutely in love with Hello Kitty so yeah we sent her a photo and was like suck it bitch. Best friends forever. The Calpico Sour was not as good as I imagined it to be, so I wouldn’t recommend that drink. I prefer my Calpicos non alcoholic.

Their ramen DOE. THEIR RAMEN DOE. Oh my gosh. It was amazing and I am really sad that they aren’t in LA. Each bite brought me to the brink of happy tears and then sad tears because I realize I can’t eat it again for a long time.

Not a huge fan of their pork bowl though. The pork was dry and not like the chasu I got in the ramen. Takoyaki was also adequate, I’ve had those better in LA. 

After crying into my empty ramen bowl and saying heartfelt goodbyes, we headed to SAM (Seattle Art Museum). I was super excited because they have a YSL exhibit going on right now. Most of the museum’s exhibits were pretty standard such as relics of the past from all parts of the world and biblical/european fine art. They had a small section that was more contemporary which I enjoyed a lot and of course the YSL exhibit. 

Seeing his paper doll cutouts from his childhood brought me back to days where I spent hours cutting paper dolls, creating clothes for them, and creating houses out of paper for them to live in. It was like a blast to the past except his looked 10 times better than mine. At least his dolls had proportional limbs and didn’t rue the day I drew them. 

Stopped by Pike place again because we had to try this frozen yogurt shop right out front.

Became trolls literally as we joined the Fremont Troll under the bridge. Glad my uber driver wasn’t one because I stupidly left my phone in the car and he actually drove back to give it to me. Seattle folks are honestly the sweetest.

Last stop on our trip was Art of the Table. I am known to be “in the know” when it comes to hip cool restaurants because I’ve got an inside source, They said this place was amazing and the numerous reviews supported this claim so my friend and I booked reservations for 2. It was a very small, but cozy place with options to sit right in front of the open kitchen. It was definitely a cool experience to witness the chefs preparing each dish, handling every sprig with care and dolloping sauce like a painter on a canvas.

There was a tasting menu option which I highly recommend because it takes all the best dishes on the menu and reduces the portion so you can try a little bit of everything. Personal favorites of mine were the ceviche, foie gras, and the cheese plate. They sound simple, but the merging flavors on each plate is like a beautiful waltz being played for the first time on a freshly made violin. I’m pulling these hyperboles out of my ass of course, but let’s just say the experience was amazing.

Seattle has left me with good spirits, faith in humanity, fresh air in my lungs, and a hunger to come back. There are so many places I want to revisit just because their dishes were so memorable. See you soon Seattle!