Had the best time driving up to visit my collegues in Davis (go aggies!) - well the drive wasn't too great since it's a smelly, long drive along the 5. One pro tip is to leave LA around 8pm because you avoid most of the traffic and you get to Norcal at a roughly reasonable time to just crash and sleep. I tried super hard to make it in one tank but I think the grapevine killed my gas like crazy, had about 40 miles left until I reached Davis and my car was like FILL ME UP BITCH, DO YA WANT ME TO DIE!? Pfft, cars man... They be all hella dramatic. My car is especially a drama queen, always demanding premium gas because the "commoner" shit makes her "congested". At least she loyal doe, she dun ride with any other hos. 

But aaaanyways, I drove up to see my little <33 pictured above. The first day I got there we headed straight to the pumpkin patch in Dixon becuhhh we want to be fall A F. Got some super cute photos in, one of which ended up on wet seal which I thought was pretty coo pretty coo. 

As you can see, it was LIITTT FAM. The next day was also pretty lit when we decided to roll down to SF to go dayclubbin at Sundaze. If you follow me on Snap (@xjenn3), you would've seen how lit it was. There was this old white dude (who is apparently famous) getting more action than anyone else there. He was playin the field while the other dudes were still figuring out the rules. No classy photos from there but you can see more of my personal work in my personal ig (@hixjenn3).

Side note, for all y'all that don't know why my IG is xjenn3. I was a dumb kid in middle school and like most kids who got to come up with a screenname at the time, it usually went along the lines of "AzNBbOi93", "CuteBunnyFluffers", "xjenn3"... I wanted a heart around my name cuhs that sounded real cool but you cant use a less than sign in your screenname, so I thought I was being all clever and shit and used an x instead. The end. Really not anythin special tbh. 

No trip is complete without a recap of everything that went in and out of me. So here's the poop...I mean scoop. That joke stinks doesn't it.

I had to stop by De Veres of course while I was in Davis, an Irish Pub with some bomb ass shepherd's pie. I wanted to be bougie and get a fried egg on top, so I did and also popped it cuhs hashtag food porn. Also got their seasonal blueberry mule which was hot diggity goood! (You probably stopped reading at this point because you realize that I am a person that incorporated hot diggity into a sentence). It wasn't overwhelmingly blueberry-flavored and still had the nice lime and ginger elements of the mule. Overall a light, refreshing drink to the palette that washed down the shepherd's pie (cue self-induced food coma). 

We also stopped by this great brunch spot in SF called Kitchen Story. I can see why it's called that, there was a "once upon a time" which was quickly followed with a "happily ever after...and then Jenn had to unbutton her pants at the end to make room". I got the Frisco Benedict which was not your average english muffin benedict that you'd expect. 2 perfectly poached eggs rested on a slab of chicken mango sausage that was nestled with a fan of thinly sliced avocado and a thick fluffy bread that soaked up the meyer lemon hollandaise and egg yolk. Delishhhh, 10/10 would bang...I mean recommend.

The last day we headed to Mt Hermon around Santa Cruz where we got to bungee jump, zipline, and go through roped obstacles high up in the sequoia canopies. I'm currently writing this with very very sore arms because I am not of the fittest variety and small amounts of movements is already overexertion in my book. Overall, a very very fun trip! I can't wait to share more travel adventures with you guys soon <3