First things first, it's cold af in Zion during the winter. Shocker. So make sure you're ready for snow, ice, and freezing your tits off.

Secondly, it is absolutely gorgeous and you forget about the cold and falling on your ass for a moment and just breath in the amazing views.

I went with three other photographers, @marklashark, @johnsonnle, and @creativexperez. It's always fun traveling with like-minded individuals because we were all inspired by the beauty Zion had to offer and mutually understood when the other wanted to stop and shoot.

Because we weren't staying in Zion and were traveling from Vegas, we decided to just do a short hike called the "Lower Emerald Pool". It takes you on an easy hike to a waterfall...now easy would've been easy if my toes weren't frozen and the path wasn't super icy. I fell on my ass in front of everyone and it was not pretty.


I am in LOVE with my sherpa lined denim jacket from Shein. This jacket is a great statement piece that you can throw on any outfit to add a refreshing, effortless look. It's a large oversized jacket so it does add some bulk, but it can make an tiny asian girl feel big and in charge (until I ate shit). It also did a decent job of keeping me warm in Zion, granted it was pretty warm during the day and I was hiking around.