First things first, don’t eat at Cabo Wabo and don't accept any "blow". Aside from that, Cabo was LIT. Lemme break it down for you guys:

Grand Solmar Resort:

The best thing about your getaway is the amenities your resort has to offer you. And man, were we blown away at the hospitality and the beauty of the Solmar Resorts. 

Our suite was gorgeous, spacious, and well attended to with a beautiful view of the ocean. Nothing beats waking up in the morning to the sun beaming down on your face and clear ocean waves greeting you. 

Upon check in, we were given free margarita vouchers, so of course ya girl had to jump on that. If you don’t already know, Tequila is my poison of choice so I was in heaven. However, we were on an empty stomach, so dis girl also was the first to get drunk on the trip. 

At the end of our trip, they also welcomed us to a complimentary Tequila Tasting which was an experience to remember. A personal chef and sommelier created lovely taco and tequila pairings for us to try, and boy was it magical. I loved that I learned so much about the origins of the tequila, where they came from, how they were preserved, and also detecting distinct notes in each one (quite similar to wine tasting). I also found out that oranges + tajin are a wonderful chaser. Life changed forever.

Also, did I mention infinity pool? YASS aesthetic AF.

Thank you so much to the Solmar Resorts for hosting us! 

Av. Solmar No. 1 Col. Centro, Marina, 23450 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico


Clubbing: The clubbing scene, at least the touristy kind, is limited to the areas surrounding El Squid Roe. You can pretty much hit up all the clubs in one night, which is what we did. My recommendations is to get pretty drunk when clubbing here because the crowd scene gets crayyyyy. The music isn’t really up to par with the clubs in Vegas or LA of course, but the shots of tequila come cheap so drink up amigo! My favorite part of the night was when we went into Pink Kitty and one of the hosts carried our friend to the bathroom like a princess returning to her throne. 

Maria Corona: If you’re looking for some bomb Mexican food and the best pastor tacos of your life, look no further. This restaurant is buffet style, so feel free to go crazy. I had like 3 tamales, 3 tacos, rice, beans, guacamole, meatballs, dessert….man I always miss the food most when I leave a place. Address: 16 de Septiembre Entre Morelos Y Leona Vicario, Centro, 23410 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico

Walmart: I am not even joking. Walmart is like a hidden gem in Cabo. If you happen to be staying in Cabo for a while and at a timeshare (I stayed at one the second time I went to Cabo), try your hand in buying groceries from Walmart and cooking home-style Mexican at home! You won't believe how cheap the produce is here. I cooked a surf and turf dinner for 5 with margaritas all around, and we only spent around $10-$14 per person. 

ALSOOOOO, GET. THE. TACOS. FROM. THE. WALMART. TACO. STAND. I cannot even begin to esssplain the deliciousness that entered my mouth from this stand. It is located right when you enter Walmart, you can't miss it. There is a stand right before you hit the produce/bakery section of Walmart where you can purchase the best tacos accommpanied by the best sauces ( I swear, you won't see taco sauces the same again).

G-Force Adventures: The second day we went UTV-ing and horse back riding along the beach! Definitely a fun experience but it does take out a huge chunk of your day and be prepared to get dust in places dust has never ventured before. My camera was definitely gross at the end of this excursion, but the experience was all worth it. I felt like I was in a romance novel riding a gallant horse along the beachside, wind in my hair, and Pablo straddling me from behind. Totally kidding about Pablo, there was no blonde hair, blue eyed beauty riding with me—and it didn’t help that my horse’s name was grandpa. Ensue lots of nasty jokes.

Thank you G-force for having us! It was an immense amount of fun :)

Water Taxi to Lover’s Beach: Now this beach is definitely a tourist trap and a little crowded, but it is quite beautiful. I would probably try a different beach the next time I’m here because why do I need a beach to remind me I’m single? Jokes aside, the water taxi did take us on a mini tour of the areas around the beach which was pretty relaxing! For those of you scared of getting sea sick, it is a small boat and you see the boat riding the waves so the chances of getting sick are small. 

Also got to chill with some dope ass iguanas, so yeah.

Overall, very very fun trip and I’m sad that this little escape to paradise is over <3

Shoutout to @bylisalinh for inviting me! It was a blast being your travel photographer, xoxo.