Man, 2 weeks in NY flew by… I can’t believe that I’m on a flight back to LA as I write this. I’m also writing this because the media console in front of me crashed so I figured this would be a great opportunity to get a head start on my blog post of my experiences with NYFW, traveling the city, and the food finds along the way. Instead of writing day by day, because God knows how long that would take, I decided to separate them into sections:

  1. NYFW


It was my first time experiencing NYFW this season as well as shooting it, and I was super excited to see what the hubbub was about. Sang (@itssangtime) connected me with Min, an editor for Composure Magazine, who graciously offered us media passes to various fashion shows. I got to see the magic backstage, the chaos before each show, as well as shoot from the photo pit in a sea of other photographers. 


Some things that I learned very, very quickly about shooting for NYFW:

  • your arm will be tired and you should’ve brought a monopod with you
  • it’s best to come early so you get a good spot in the center and don’t have to crouch on the floor
  • it’s a good idea to shoot with a telephoto lens because you’ll be able to get their full body halfway down the runway and close up details when they are at the end of it. 
  • time the shots with their leg placement, the best time to burst shoot is right before their foot lands on the walkway
  • make sure you shoot around f/5.6 so you don’t compromise your depth of field if the garment is super dimensional

Photos published on Composure Magazine: link here


The Egg Shop

A cute, small little shop across the street from the Butcher’s Daughter, The Egg Shop specializes in all things eggs (Shocker). They hold true to their name because their egg preparation is eggcellent. I highly recommend the B.E.C. ! It’s a delicious breakfast sandwich that was a healthier, less greasy.

Spot Dessert

I’m not the biggest sweet tooth, so when I actually like a dessert spot, it’s a big compliment. They make the best matcha lava cakes accompanied with a scoop of green tea ice cream so you get that warm rich chocolatey flavor juxtaposing with something cold and refreshing. Their pumpkin brûlée also blew my socks off so now Dobby is a free elf. Sorry bad Harry Potter joke, but the sensation of each bite was magical. 

Prince St. Pizza

AMAZINGGGG. There is a reason why the line goes out the door people. Their pizza crust is super buttery and thick, their cheese and tomato sauce is plentiful, and it comes out steaming hot and crispy. You can ask for extra crispy too, which I highly recommend. One of the best slices of pizza I’ve had in NY and also a staple in my trip. I think I ate around 10 slices of pizza during my stay and I’m damn proud of it.

Nomo Kitchen

Nomo Kitchen is located in a super chic hotel, Nomo Soho, and is one of the cutest brunch/lunch spots I’ve been to during my stay. The greenhouse ambience lends to amazing photos because of the all encompassing areas of light flooding through, their pasta was perfect, and their drinks are not only unique, but also creatively served. 


This tucked away udon shop will RAKU your world. Their Niku Udon with honeycomb tripe was absolutely amazing, their noodles had the perfect bounce to them, and the broth was rich and flavorful. I recommend going before the dinner rush because it is a very small restaurant and seats are filled very quickly.

Now those are my TOP FIVE from my trip, but there are so many great places I’ll just share my photos below:

Dominique Ansel

Bibble & Sip

Drunken Dumpling

Momofuku Milk Bar


  • PETER LUGER: one of the best steaks I ever had! Make reservations aheads of time and be prepared to spend some cashhhh (no credit cards allowed). Get the steak for 2, 3, 4, the creamed spinach, the sizzling bacon, and the schlag with strawberries.
  • IPPUDO: some bomb ramen, expect a wait
  • LEVAIN BAKERY: best cookies ever!
  • MOMOFUKU MILK BAR: skip the cereal soft serve, get the corn cookies and ask for them to heat it up for 10 seconds. DELICIOUS! (bring me back some if you guys go)
  • POCHA 32: Korean comfort food, watermelon soju in a watermelon, budae jjigae yass
  • HER NAME IS HAN: Can't go wrong with anything here! They serve korean fusion food which I recommend doing family style. Also, you better not leave without getting the pork belly!
  • EATALY: a wide variety of italian cuisine enclosed in one building, get the gelato there!
  • CHELSEA MARKET: a huge marketplace with great food options
  • SMORGASBURG: make sure you know when they are open! Similar to the concept in LA :) 



I’m not sure exactly when the lit up rooftop igloos will disappear, but try to check it out before they tear them down! It’s a great spin to a rooftop bar during the cold months and each igloo has a heater to keep you nice and cozy.


If you need to buy something, this area is the place for you! There are a ton of brand name stores, boutiques, as well as high end designer brands in this area. If you want photo opportunities, this area is also pretty good because the alley ways have those classic cobblestoned streets you can shoot down in. You’ll probably find a million other photographers there shooting that same alleyway.


There are so many amazing productions out there that it would be a shame if you don’t see at least one broadway show when you’re in New York. I highly recommend, Les Misérables, Phantom of the Opera, and Book of Mormon. 


If you are a museum lover such as myself, I highly recommend going to the Met at least once. It is enormous, filled with art from all over the world, and it is donation based (so feel free to pay as much or as little as you’d like). My favorite exhibit is always the contemporary art exhibit because the boundaries are always explored, broken, twisted, and reinterpreted. I also fell in love with The Temple of Dendur in The Sackler Wing. The architecture and the reflection pool is an ig hotspot, just come early before all the people start flooding in!



Make sure you have cover $$, closed toed heels, and semi formal attire ladies! I know we are used to more laid back requirements in LA, but upscale clubbing in NY is different. Also, just a heads up, Circle Nightclub is a Korean Booking Club. I did not know that going in and was wondering why I kept getting ushered to random tables by the staff members. If you’re not into clubbing, bar hopping is also super fun. I recommend heading to Lower East Side for that, the bars there are poppin. 




It’s a little far from everything but if you happen to be in the area, the architecture of the campus is beautiful. 


I didn’t have a chance to go this time around, but the Brooklyn Bridge, Dumbo, and Smorgasburg are all good spots to hit when you’re in the area.



Clique as it is, it’s something to put in the books. Also, it is super close to Eataly, so after you snap some pics, head over to this little Italian food market for some amazing pasta, pizza, wine, and gelato!


This architectural beauty is located inside the World Trade Center transportation hub and is also a great place to take a couple pics. It’s all white interior lends to some amazing minimalistic photos.


Aside from my melancholy of never running into Brandon Stanton (the man behind Humans of NY), Central Park is a beauty to walk through no matter what season it is. Just be careful not to tread on the frozen lake because there have been so many incidents of people assuming it is completely frozen and then falling in! 

My 2 weeks spent in NY were absolutely amazing. I left with great experiences, an extremely satisfied belly, and a wallet that was crying for mercy. I just want to give a special shoutout to a couple people who really made my stay amazing: