By resort, I mean luxury resort in the gorgeous Rancho Palos Verdes--where the sea beckons you, the sun shines above you, and your worries behind you. 

I am so honored to have worked with such an amazing company and grateful for the opportunity to not only shoot their newly renovated Catalina Kitchen, but also have a wonderful 2 night stay relishing their amazing hospitality and dining. 


Here is a look at their ocean view suite! It is an incredible view and every morning the sunrise is just a sight to see other than my beautiful face (you're welcome Lisa). Lisa and I were even fortunate to have witnessed some whales migrating through as they puffed their spouts above the water. "Whale would you look at that?"

 lounging in the morning in my  @relatedgarments

lounging in the morning in my @relatedgarments

We were also gifted some delicious macarons (they know me so well) and a bottle of wine (seriously guys, marry me).


Their Catalina Kitchen is open for breakfast through dinner and serve a wonderful array of options. Our first breakfast here was delicious and I 10/10 recommend their Breakfast Rice Bowl. It reminds me of a variation of bibimbap especially with the hint of sesame chili oil at the end. We also decided on a Bloody Mary and the Morning Sun for drinks, Avocado Toast, and the Acai Bowl!

They also have Fire & Ice Happy Hour from 3-5pm where we had some delicious sangrias on their patio, their seafood platter, and the margarita flatbread, YUSS. Get. Yo. DRANK. ON.


We were also graciously invited to their seasonal Chef’s Tasting which completely blew my mind. They had chefs from various restaurants create a set menu every season using crops and produce that has started to come in. I am super happy that I got to experience the spring’s bounty because we got avocado, Dungeness crab, lemon, and all the good stuff that comes in spring. The meal was also paired with Daou Wine and let me tell ya…there was absolutely nothing to wine about. 

My favorite wine of the night (which I also happened to drink around 3 glasses of) was their Chemin des fleurs (path of flowers). It was a delicious white blend with beautiful floral notes at the end that I can only describe as a memory of frolicking through fields of marigold. What a fantastic meal. I highly recommend trying it for the following season…I might see you there!


Not only do you get a a choice of 3 pools (family, adult, and spa), you can also hike down to their private beach and explore the rocky caves. Lisa and I were a little scared to actually venture into the cave and were embarrassingly stood up by 3 adventurous kids that threw caution to the wind..buuuut I AINT TRYN DIE. I almost drowned in a swimming pool when I was younger and Lisa almost drowned in Hawaii even though she had a pool noodle so…yeah we’re not the most suited for it. 

 exploring in my @ivyswimwear

exploring in my @ivyswimwear

There are also free yoga classes at the Fitness Center, so definitely head down there to get your ass whipped. Who knew yoga could work up a sweat? It’s a nice way to end the trip because it winds you down before you head back home and you get a nice ocean breeze wafting through the windows. 

Man, what a great resort to have a nice staycation at! I honestly felt I was somewhere remote and not an hour away from home. The resort really closes you off from the rest of the world so you can fully immerse yourself in relaxation. Of course, once I left, there was an avalanche of responsibilities of the real world that I'm still trying to maintain (damn you ants in my house), but that is mis problemas.

Special thanks to Archel & Hilary for planning out my entire stay and Lisa (@bylisalinh) for always being a G <3

For more photos from this trip, check out the link: here