It takes me literally 3 hours to muster up the courage to begin the arduous task that is packing. I love traveling, but I always leave something super important out. When my good friend @indaheart and I went to Joshua Tree, we BOTH forgot our makeup bags and I also didn't realize it would be like 30 degrees out there so I looked like a cold ass mess. That or I would forget to pack a towel and have to resort to wiping myself with paper towels...yes, I've been through it all sista. I'm reluctantly trying to pack for NYFW right now, I decided to just start this blog post and waste precious time I could be spending thinking about what I'm forgetting to pack. You'll read in my NY blog post later about what I forget to pack... I'm 100% sure of that. 


  • underwear (v important girl)
  • sexy underwear? (who you tryin impress there? I usually skip this.)
  • walking shoes + socks
  • classy shoes
  • guilt-free shoes (ya kno, those shoes you impulse buy telling yourself you'll wear it when you travel)
  • jackets (CHECK THE WEATHER. Is it raining, sunny, snowing, etc.)
  • formal dress (omg, almost forgot to pack this. brb)
  • casual dress
  • swim suit (if it is tropical or if you know you're going to go swimming! I usually bring a bunch so you don't need to worry about drying them for the next day)
  • workout gear (if you're the active type and enjoy working out while you travel)
  • layering pieces (cardigans, tanks, long sleeves)
  • accessories (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bags, belts, watches, hats, hair ties, tights, booty shorts to cover your hoochie at the club, etc.)


  • laptop + charger
  • phone + charger (opt. external battery + charger)
  • camera + charger
  • batteries, flashes, tripod, lenses, card readers, hard drive, sd/cf card (if you are also a photographer)


  • toothbrush + toothpaste 
  • face wash
  • face lotion + sunscreen
  • makeup remover
  • DRY SHAMPOO (a must have because you never know if you're stuck in Paris with no hot water during the winter time...and trust me, it's not fun washing your hair in frigid temperatures)
  • hair tie or hair band (to keep yurr hurr out of your face)
  • towel (if you're not going to a place with towels provided already)
  • opt: mouthwash, q-tips, eyedrops, cotton pads, face masks, toner, hair oil, acne cream, hair spray, curling iron


  • primer
  • foundation + brush
  • concealer + brush/sponge
  • brow gel + brow brush
  • setting powder + brush/pad
  • bronzer/highlighter/blush + brushes
  • go-to eyeshadow palette
  • eyeshadow brushes (for applying, blending, fine tuning. I usually bring 3)
  • liquid eyeliner + eyeliner pen + pencil shaver if needed
  • tweezers (to pluck excess eyebrow hair JIC)
  • mascara
  • 2 sets of falsies + glue (2 sets in case I drunkenly lose one)
  • setting spray (a must for me because my skin drinks makeup like an alcoholic)
  • brush cleaner (if extended trip)


  • SNACKS (mucho importante!! My go-tos are dried mango, hot cheetoes, flaming fun yuns, peppered or spicy beef jerky, gum, shin bowl ramen cup (just ask them for hot water), and lunchables because yes I am still a child)
  • Headphones (make sure you bring the ones for the regular port if you own the iPhone 7 just in case your flight has movie options) 
  • Emergency makeup kit + compact mirror
  • mini bottle of lotion  
  • small hairbrush + hair tie  
  • neckrest
  • tissues for your issues
  • hand sanitizer 
  • cash (in case you need to taxi somewhere once you land) 
  • charger (I usually pack my phone charger + wall port in my carry on if there so happens to be a delay) 

What I usually wear on a flight:

    The most important thing to consider is what you'll be doing once you get off the flight and what the weather is like on the other side. Since I knew NY would be freezing, I made sure to pack a heavy coat in my carry on to throw on once I land. What I should've also have done was pack touch sensitive gloves cuhs this girl was freezing her hands off calling an Uber. 

    My go-to starting outfit is usually leggings or stretchy pants that doesn't restrict any blood flow and allow room for tummy expansion; a comfy sweater (bra is optional if you don't plan on hugging anyone...or if you do, whatever floats your boat girl huehuehue); and my boosts because HASHTAG BOOSTVIBES--jk I swear I'm not this obnoxious in person. Sneakers are a must because it's a lot of walking with heavy luggage and they are easy to slip in and out of during security check in. You'll also be wearing socks so you don't have to worry about contracting any terrifying feet disease from walking barefoot in the airport.

    I hope this is somewhat helpful for my fellow travelers that cannot stand packing just like me. I tried to be as generic as possible (in the female side of things) so it could be a versatile list to look back on. Let me know if you guys want me to make a dude version, although it probably won't be a extensive as this one LOL. 


    Update: I forgot to pack my business cards and a towel. SIGHHHHH. Literally had to airdry in the cold, not fun guys...not fun.

    Can't wait to start my blogpost on what I actually did in NY! It's been a wonderful 2 weeks here and I cannot wait to share my trip with you all. Photos on this article are a little sneak peek of what's to come! My favorite is @alecnguyen chomping down on Prince St. Pizza.